Pony Club Tests

There are several tests that can be taken on joining the Pony Club, please contact Katy Pocock on 01403 823472

There are several tests that can be taken on joining the Pony Club, please contact Row Lee / rowenalee1@outlook.com if you are interested in joining in test training before aiming for a particular test.

Regular stable management training is held throughout the autumn and winter. Dates available to book: October 22nd 2022, October 28th Farrier demonstration, November 20th 2022, December 17th 2022.

As many of you will have found out over the last couple of years when taking Tests, the new syllabuses have made them harder and it is now very important that training in Riding and Horse and Pony care takes place for all tests above D+. We will hold specific Test training sessions nearer to test dates – so please try to come to some of the sessions.

Congratulations to these members who have recently passed the following Pony Club tests


Lunge test: Luca P, Ellie N

C+ Test: Annabelle S, Jess L

C+ Test (Care): Annabelle S, Jess L, Cerys K

C+ Test (Riding): Millie T, Mya S

C Test: Lily F , Tom M , Daisy C

D+ Test: Esme B , Molly M , Niamh M

Road Rider Badge: Naimh M, Molly M, Scarlett E, Daisy E


B Test: Ellie N, Chloe A | B Test riding: Lulu J

C Test:  George F, Emily S, Annabelle S, Emily E, Megan D, Amelia G, Cerys K, Georgina F, Millie T

C Test Care: Lily F, Emily C

D+ Test: Brooke M, Neve M, George G, Scarlett E, Rubdy R, Joshua L, Molly M


B Test: Kate Simmonds, Luca Pocock

C+ Test: Lulu James, Darcey Mayes, Charlotte King

C+ Test (riding): Sophie Jones

C Test: Ellie Sheppard, Annabelle Seabrook, Jess Lee, Bella Bamsey, Mya Stell, Lottie Mahon, Jasmine Stride, Phoebe Flexman, Scarlett Denton

D+ Test: Annabelle Seabrook, Emily Cotty, Flora Sayers, Georgina Ferrito, Lily Ferrito, Millie Taylor, Tabby Seabrook

D Test: Amelia McLean, Neve Meurer, Seb Scrase, Isabella Wilmore, Ruby Radford, Rosie Davies, Elena Suarez-Wallace, Seraphina Gondolo-Gordon, Phaedra Gondolo-Gordon, Esme Baggott, Ella Thurston, Arabella Corbett, Lara Basal, Lara Dolling, Isabel Roker, Theo Thomas

Road Rider Achievement Badge: Annaelle Seabrook, Georgina Ferrito, Lily Ferrito, Millie Taylor, Amber Carter, Lottie Mahon, Jasmine Stride, Cerys Kilfeather


AH Test: Abbie Woodward

Lunge test: Ivan Leggett

B Test: Verity Leggett, Elsa Ireland, Suzie Lunt

B Test Horse & Pony Care: Kate Simmonds, Lu Pocock, Hanna Holmes

C+ Test: Chloe Allday, Ellie Simmonds, Anna Jordan

C+ Horse & Pony Care: Charlotte King

C Test: Lexi Davis, Maya Lebus, Jack Dace

C Test Riding: Scarlett Denton

D+ Test: George Flexman, Lottie Mahon, Amelia Gifford, Megan Duke, Zara Knight, Felicity Bell, Mya Stell, Tom Mather, Emily Edge, Oliver Allison, Daisy Dace, Jess Lee, Bella Bamsey, Jasmine Stride, Ellie Sheppard, Otis Wibaut, Zac Jones, Cerys Kilfeather

Road Rider Achievement Badge: Felicity Bell, Mya Stell, Blayne Sayers, Scarlett Edge, Arabella Bamsey, Jess Lee

E Test: Niamh Mackenzie, Xander Ward, Katie Cuthbertson, Ella Thurston, Eve Coutts, Joshua Leathers, Bella Wilmore, Matilda Wilson, Rosie Davies, Connie O’Connell


C+ Test: Elsa Ireland, Suzie Lunt, Kate Simmonds, Izzy Pakes-McGovern, Verity Leggett

C+ Test Horse and Pony Care: Dylan King, Ellie Simmonds, Lu Pocock, Chloe Allday

C Test: Rafe Storm, Anna Jordan, Charlotte King, Darcey Mayes, Lauren Goldsmith, Faychesca Graham

D+ Test: Bella Barnes, Lauren Goldsmith, Blayne Sayers, Jack Dace, Emily Scott, Isabel Scott, Issy Hobden, Emily Blackburn, Scarlett Denton

D Test: Lauren Goldsmith, Blayne Sayers

Road Rider Test: Elsa Ireland, Ellie Simmonds, Dylan King, Kate Simmonds

Road Rider Achievement Badge: Charlotte King, Charlotte Cooper, George Flexman, Imogen Guimaraens


B Test: Ivan Leggett

C Test: Charlotte Meeking, Dylan King, Elsa Ireland, Chloe Allday, Hollie Shotter, Ellie Simmonds, Lu Pocock, Verity Leggett, Suzie Lunt, Jemma Lebus, Harry Wilkins, Sophie Jones

D+ Test: Phoebe Flexman, Charlotte King, Anna Jordan, Rafe Storm, Maya Lebus

D Test: Niamh Aspell, Lucy Aspell, Emma Perrett, Alice Crowley, Bella Crowley, Emily Edge, Daisy Dace, Zac Jones, Otis Wibaut, Seb Scrase, Charlotte Mahon, Grace Haworth, Isabelle Scott, Poppy Durkan, Georgia Young, Finley Thompson, Oliver Chadwell, Eva Haworth, Matilda Simpson, Imogen Guimarens, Megan Duke

E Test: Cameron Graves, George Gifford, Amelia Gifford, Thomas Sirett, Rose Hughes, Edward Cooper, Never Meurer, Zara Knight, Harriet-Burrell-Ashbee, Maisy Burrell-Ashbee, Scarlett Edge, Sofia Steel, Lachlan Rae, Kitty Aspell, Louisa Pody, Noah Durkan-Gaynor, India Eely, Wiliam Chadwell, Iris van Ristckevorsel, Anais Hafner, George Dace, Gus Gray, Daniel Simpson

Road Rider Test: Lu Pocock, Sophie Jones

Road Rider Achievement Badge: Eira Elliott, Hollie Shotter, Charlotte Meeking, Ellie Simmonds, Kate Simmonds, Amelia Parker, Matilda Parker, Sophie Jones, Chloe Allday

More test dates will follow. Please contact Katy for more information.

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