Pony Club Tetrathlon is a wonderful sport for both boys and girls

Pony Club Tetrathlon is a wonderful sport for both boys and girls. Competing as both individuals and team members, in gender and age specific classes. The competitors complete sections in running, riding (both cross-country!), shooting (air pistols) and swimming (for a set amount of time).
Tetrathlon is particularly good for all-round sportsmen, who happen to ride as well!

If you think you might be interested in finding out a little more, do call Anna Scrase, who will be happy to answer your questions and is coordinating all the Tetrathlon competitions.

Those of you who are keen to join in, please do call or email Anna, 07901 826361 or 01403 700146 / email: annascrase@gmail.com to let her know you want to have a go or join in some practices to see how much fun it is!


Recent results are published on the LLPC FaceBook page – a members only group, so suitable for all ages to view! If you haven’t already joined, just ask and you can join in!

A few scenes of happy LLPC tet competitors!

Join now by downloading our Membership Form.

Note that you should return the Membership form to the Branch and not The Pony Club HQ

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