Useful Information

Useful information including hat checks, safety guidance and personal liability

Hat Check & Tagging

Tagging indicates that a hat meets the Pony club hat standards listed below. NO check of the fit and condition of the hat is implied. It is considered to be the responsibility of the Member’s parent or guardian to ensure that their hat complies with the required standards and is tagged before they go to any Pony Club event. Also to ensure that the manufacturer’s guidelines with regard to fit and replacement are followed

Approved Riding Hats & Hat Tagging


It is mandatory for all Members to wear a protective helmet manufactured to  minimum standards. For current details please download the hat rules 2020 using the following link:

Hat Rule 2020

These hats must also be hat tagged by the D C. This will confirm that they have met the regulations required; NO check of fit and condition of the hat is implied.

It is considered the responsibility of the Member’s parent or guardian to ensure that their hat complies with the required standards and is tagged before going to a Pony Club event. Also to ensure that the manufacturer’s guidelines with regard to fit and replacement are followed.

Please note:

When riding cross country over fences 0.80m (including Eventing, Tetrathlons, Horse Trials, tests and Training) and above a jockey skull cap with no fixed peak must be worn.


2020 guidelines can be found by clicking on the following link:

Body Protector Guidelines

Pony Club Rules State that an effective Body Protector must be worn by competitors in the cross-country phases of Horse Trials and Tetrathlons, cross-country and pony racing events. They must also be worn at all Branch cross-country practices.

It is recommended you take a body protector to all Inter-Branch competitions as some Branches are making it a rule that they should be worn in all competitions, i.e. show jumping as well as cross-country.


It is no longer necessary to seek permission to wear spurs but if a member is mis-using spurs, they can be asked to take them off

The length and type of spur is also regulated, a maximum of 4cm (from heel of boot to end of spur) rounded and pointing straight to the back or if curved pointing down, smooth rotating rubber or plastic ball on the shank is also permitted.

Please contact Sue Coombe-Tennant on 01403 741179 or Clare Emery on 07941 466651 if you have any queries.


When competing clean Membership badges should be worn on the left lapel. Either long riding boots (generally for older members on horses) or short Jodhpur boots, with or without half chaps for younger members, should be worn. Either jackets or Lord Leconfield Pony Club sweatshirts to be worn at all rallies and instruction, etc. Dark jodhpurs or breeches may not be worn in competitions but are fine for rallies.


Pony club badges can be purchased from Sue Coombe-Tennant, or from the Pony Club shop

Pony club ties / stocks can be purchased from Carrier Schroter, or from the Pony Club shop

Link to the Pony Club shop:

Lord Leconfield PC-branded items (e.g. numnahs, baselayers, sweatshirts, etc.) can be purchased from ABC embriodery. Delivery usually takes 2-4 weeks:

Tack should be in a clean and safe condition; ponies must be properly shod. Please do not bring coughing ponies to any fixture.

E-Safety Guidance for Young People

It may be a good idea to read the guidance notes contained here if you use the internet and are active generally on social media.

Please read the guide lines for the Role of Parents within The Pony Club.


Nobody, member, parent, family or friend may ride at any Pony Club function whether in the ring/arena or anywhere on the site, without an approved riding hat and footwear with a suitable heel. Please be aware that a fixed peak is not allowed for cross country or tetrathlon.

Legal Liability Rule XXII.

Neither the Club nor the Council nor any person acting on its behalf shall be held responsible for any accident, damage, injury or loss at rallies, or any other meetings, to Club Members or their ponies. In the event of an accident do NOT admit liability, as this could invalidate the insurance. Full particulars of the incident must be sent to Pony Club Headquarters together with third party correspondence unanswered. A copy of the insurance is on the main pony club website, under parents info.

Personal Liability

The Personal Liability Insurance for Members covers Legal Liability of Members for injury or damage to third parties or their property, arising out of the use or ownership of ponies/horses or pony/horse drawn vehicles. It includes the parent or guardian (but only for activities of the Members for which cover is provided under this policy). The limit of Liability is likewise two million pounds(£) in respect of any one accident.


The Policy does not cover:

  • Business or professional use
  • Use for hire or reward
  • Racing
  • Point-to-pointing
  • Steeplechasing
  • Practising for these events
  • Team chasing

Equine ‘Flu’ Vaccinations

It is now expected that all members should have their animals fully vaccinated. Present minimum requirements are two initial injections separated by 30-90 days, followed by a first booster 150-210 days later and then annual vaccinations within the year.

Horse Passports

These are now compulsory for all horses and ponies travelling in the UK. If any member still requires information about passports please look on the BEF website, this links through to the DEFRA site http:/

Team Members

Team Members and their ponies/horses in all disciplines must attend at least three Working Rallies during the year, 1st July – 30th June. Please take your Rally Card to be signed.


Please remember to advise the organiser at least 4 days beforehand if you are unable to attend any rally, event, etc. that you have booked up for. Please be punctual always and encourage your parents to get you to the venue in plenty of time.

Join now by downloading our Membership Form.

Note that you should return the Membership form to the Branch and not The Pony Club HQ